• Nancy Bryan

    Author of Thin is a State of Mind: The No-Stress Weight Loss Guide

    I read all the other BookSavvy testimonials and couldn’t find one complimentary adjective that I didn’t agree with: consummately professional; knowledgeable; empathic; tenacious; reliable; hard-working; courteous; creative; and on and on ad infinitum.  Sharon and Katie were so responsive it would have been possible for me to believe I was their only client.  I was continually impressed by the width and breadth of their knowledge of the book promotion industry. They frequently pushed me out of my comfort zone, with highly productive results; they even suggested a redesign of the cover of my book, a brilliant insight that I will always be grateful for. In short, anyone seeking a competent, caring group to do their book publicity need look no further than BookSavvy.

  • Louie Cronin

    Author of Everyone Loves You Back

    Working with Sharon Bially at BookSavvy PR was everything I could have asked for, and more. Because frankly, I didn’t know what to ask for. Sharon guided me through the whole confusing process of launching a first book. She had the perfect approach, persistent but never heavy-handed, professional but always good-humored and did an amazing job getting press coverage. My publisher even asked for Sharon’s name, because he had never heard of a publicist who accomplished so much for a client! I really can’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Stephanie Austin Edwards

    Author of What We Set In Motion

    My first published book, my first experience with a publicist. I didn’t know what to expect, but working with Sharon, and her expert staff at BookSavvy PR was fantastic, far exceeding my expectations. Sharon guided my publishing package and timeline while using her innate ability to research and connect to find the best media placement for my novel. Maybe the best part is that, as a well-known firm, Sharon is hands on with her clients. We worked seamlessly by email and phone calls, making my comfort level and confidence increase substantially. Having a publicist is vital in this new publishing climate, and I seriously recommend BookSavvy, PR.

  • BookSavvy’s Sharon Bially is an astute and gracious publicist. She gets things done without complaint and if she’s flustered, they doesn’t let it show; nor does she grow thorns or become prickly when faced with uncomfortable conversations.  She answers questions generously, sensitive to the fact that authors don’t always understand the PR process and are reassured by explanations — something that increased my confidence in and trust for her.  I greatly appreciated the professionalism and hard work of the entire BookSavvy team.

    Virginia Simpson

    Ph.D., author of The Space Between: A Memoir of Mother-Daughter Love at the End of Life
  • Sharon Bially and Eileen MacDougall of BookSavvy PR totally embraced the project I put to them, which was to promote a book of poetry by an obscure author (me!) in an unfamiliar and idiosyncratic marketplace. They dove in with a comprehensive plan and scored well-timed interviews and insightful, sympathetic reviews that have added immeasurably to the book’s launch. They helped create a sense of occasion around what is normally the literary equivalent of an isolated tree falling in a far-off forest. I recommend them without reservation.

    Arne Weingart

    Author of the poetry collection Levitation for Agnostics
  • Sharon is smart, strategic, and delightful to work with. I highly recommend her for her expertise and forward-looking, creative solutions.

    Michelle Toth

    Author of Annie Begins, member of the board of directors of Grub Street, Inc.
  • Working with Sharon Bially and BookSavvy is a real pleasure. She works hard, communicates well and is a treasure chest of good ideas. Highly recommended.

    Andrew Goldstein

    Author of the critically acclaimed novel The Bookie’s Son.
  • I can’t thank Sharon Bially enough for the excellent and high-profile coverage she secured for my novel. Not only did she get great results, but she provided invaluable guidance, frequent updates, and was a pure pleasure to work with.

    Ari Magnusson

    Author of the Kirkus “Best of 2012″ novel Bitopia.
  • Who says you can’t have fun at work? You can if you hire Sharon Bially, in large part because she is so organized and diligent — which when paired with her creative flair and professionalism makes for a PR ride that you just won’t want to get off. Simply put, I will hire her every chance I get.

    Stuart Horwitz

    Author of Blueprint Your Bestseller.
  • I appreciate Sharon’s professionalism, experience, and the care she took with my project. She thoroughly understood the market for my book, and I am delighted with the results of our work together.

    Gail Brenner, Ph.D.

    Author of The End of Self Help
  • I’m so glad to have hired BookSavvy PR to publicize my first book. Sharon and her team were thorough, thoughtful and tireless in finding just the right media based on the themes in my book and my target audience. Their pitches took into account my entire business brand and set me up as a subject matter expert and they secured high visibility placements that have will have an enduring impact. And on top of that, Sharon is a delight to work with. I recommend her highly and without reservation.

    Cheryl Rice

    Leadership coach and author of Where Have I Been All My Life? A Journey to Love and Wholeness.
  • Professional, clear, creative and hard-working: these are just a few of the qualities Sharon Bially brings to the table. She’s also an expert at understanding goals and translating them into concrete actions. She’s a delight to work with, and best of all, gets results.

    Eve Bridburg

    Executive director of GrubStreet, Inc., the nation’s leading independent writing center.
  • I was very pleased with the work Sharon Bially did in publicizing the launch of Memories and Scenes: Shtetl, Childhood, Writers. From our very first conversation I knew that Sharon and her team had the insight, knowledge, and passion to market this book. I appreciated their forthrightness, cooperative interactions, ongoing communications, and persistent follow-through.

    Scott Davis

    Publisher, Jewish Storyteller Press.
  • Sharon has made indie publishing a real pleasure. It would have been a harrowing process without her. She guided me through the steps, suggesting options but never pushing a particular approach. She’s organized, thoughtful and creative. Best of all, she’s a calm, steady presence when you need her. I will definitely use her services again.

    Alexis Rankin Popik

    Author of Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate.
  • Sharon Bially is very smart, high-energy, and creative. She did much more to get the word out about my book than I could ever have expected. Best of all, she generated amazing results. I appreciated that she cared about my book, listened carefully to my thoughts and wishes and was great fun to work with.

    Katharine Esty

    Author of Twenty-Seven Dollars and a Dream: How Muhammad Yunus Changed the World and What It Cost Him, a Kirkus Best of 2013 Indie book.
  • Sharon Bially is an excellent PR person and strategist. Her counsel is always sound and she and her team resolutely advanced our plan to my book’s great benefit. Sharon added immense value to the publication of my book while maintaining the most wonderful perspective and patience.  She is a true professional and a caring and compassionate and insightful consultant. Any person would be well placed in her hands.

    Steve Scheier

    CEO of Scheier+ Group and author of Do More Good. Better. Using the Power of Decision Clarity™ to Mobilize the Talent of Your Nonprofit Team
  • As a first-time author, the process of book promotion felt overwhelming, but Book Savvy PR was a perfect partner. I learned so much, and couldn’t have been more pleased with Sharon’s efforts and style. My only regret is I didn’t hire her sooner!

    Ashley Warner, LICSW

    Author of The Year After.
  • Sharon told me exactly what she was going to do for my first book, and then she did it. And after that she did a little more. She was available, hard-working, and as her company name implies, savvy. Her professionalism was rivaled only by their good nature. She and her team found audiences for my book I didn’t know I had, and secured some I hoped to have. I don’t know where my book would be without her!

    Alden Jones

    Author of The Blind Masseuse: A Traveler’s Memoir from Costa Rica to Cambodia and Unaccompanied Minors
  • Bravo to Sharon and to the Booksavvy team!  Not only did Sharon give my novel a publicity boost, she gave me one too.  She is encouraging, upbeat, positive, resourceful, focused and creative.  She and her team brought all these qualities to work daily to pitch, lend support and bring new audiences to “The Runaway Wife.” The experience was inspiring. I feel very fortunate to have had BookSavvy on my side.

    Elizabeth Birkelund

    Author of The Runaway Wife and The Dressmaker
  • Sharon was wonderful to work with. She enthusiastically crafted and executed a well-constructed plan to promote my book and her experience and extensive contacts guaranteed its success.

    Dennis Rosen, M.D

    Pediatric pulmonologist at Boston’s Children’s Hospital and author of Vital Conversations: Improving Communications Between Doctors and Patients.
  • Sharon is really good at what she does and gets terrific results. She secured a regular blogging slot for me at The Huffington Post after I’d tried myself and gotten nowhere. She also developed a smart, long-term strategy for promoting my three novels. After working with her I feel calm and confident about how I’m presenting my work to the world. The investment was well worth it!

    Peggy Payne

    New York Times notable author of Cobalt Blue and Sister India.
  • Working with Sharon Bially and the BookSavvy team was one of the best decisions I made in launching my book. They were diligent, strategic and productive. I appreciated being able to collaborate and consult with them on ideas and questions as they arose. The BookSavvy PR team is professional, thoughtful and persistent.

    Leah DeCesare

    Author of Forks, Knives and Spoons: A Novel
  • Sharon Bially is everything an author hopes for in a publicist: connected, dedicated and oh-so-sharp, as well as a joy to work with. I brought her on a bit late in the process, and was bowled over by how quickly she was able to come up with a game plan, and how much she accomplished in a relatively short period of time. BookSavvy PR is an incredible resource for authors, and one I enthusiastically recommend.

    Lisa Borders

    Author of The Fifty First State and Cloud Cuckoo Land
  • BookSavvy delivered a high performance during the whole book launch of “Change Everything” in the US. Being the first time I launched a book in the US and with such a sensitive topic as an alternative economic system, there were a lot of challenges that had to be faced, which Booksavvy handled with smooth professionality from the beginning to the end. We are looking forward to working with them again.


    Christian Felber

    Author of Change Everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good
  • When I set about to transform my personal brand and make-over my career, I had no idea how pivotal Sharon’s services would become. Her strategic plan for my reinvention was exceptional; she took my muddled ideas and goals for myself and transformed them into an actionable approach that was both practical and attainable. Then, Sharon worked diligently with me to realize the plan. I can say with absolute certainty that I could not have accomplished on my own what Sharon achieved for me through her experience, creativity, relationships and sincere attention to my needs.

    Rosanna Fay

    Author of Careless Caregivers: True Eldercare Stories.
  • From start to finish, Sharon was professional, courteous, whip smart, selective, and strategic in publicizing my book. The BookSavvy team has great contacts and integrity in the essential follow-up. Without a doubt, their efforts resulted in review and interview attention neither my publisher nor I could have achieved on our own. I can’t recommend BookSavvy PR enough.

    Ladette Randolph

    Editor-in-Chief of Ploughshares, author of Leaving the Pink House
  • I can use nothing but superlatives to recommend Sharon Bially and BookSavvy PR. I felt well taken care of from the first moment we met. Sharon is intelligent and dogged and creative in her approach to book promotion and as responsive as any client could wish. I can’t imagine having gone through this process without her. For those considering going the publicity route on their own, consider carefully: I didn’t even know what I didn’t know until Sharon took me under her wing. This was a great investment.

    Kim Triedman

    Author of The Other Room
  • Working with BookSavvy PR was a dream. The team was responsive, professional, and achieved great results. I did a lot of research and found their offer to be the best value for maximum impact. I made the right decision, no doubt. I would highly recommend!

    Jessica Kriegel

    Jessica Kriegel, Oracle, Author of Unfairly Labeled
  • Take it from a finance pro — BookSavvy is a smart investment. The firm succeeded extraordinarily well in its mission of positioning me as a thought leader and voice in the conversation about money myths, securing placements in Forbes and beyond.  Sharon and her team are excellent strategic thinkers, were tenacious about setting and meeting goals and superb in their communications with me every step of the way. If you want a reliable, results-driven approach, BookSavvy is your go-to.

    Julie Ann Cairns

    Author of The Abundance Code and Taming the Beasts
  • I couldn’t recommend Sharon Bially and the BookSavvy PR team more highly. When I hired them a bit late in the game for my book’s launch, they hit the ground running and accomplished a remarkable amount in a short time. BookSavvy is an apt name for her PR firm because the team is extremely savvy about the business. They’re also smart, highly competent, hard-working and enthusiastic.

    Joseph Burgo, Ph.D.

    Author of Why Do I Do That? and The Narcissist You Know
  • It seems like my Amazon ranking went up every time BookSavvy landed another interview or article for me. Working with the BookSavvy team was wonderful! They provide a wealth of contacts and I felt that the outreach was extremely productive. Several of the articles and interviews that ran were picked up by other media outlets, creating a wonderful ripple effect.

    Melanie Merriman

    Author of Holding the Net: Caring for My Mother on the Tightrope of Aging
  • BookSavvy PR have been unbelievably professional, strategic, and courteous. Whenever we have questions, they’re always there to answer. They are brilliant in their strategy, resulting in many reviews and interviews for our book launch. We highly recommend BookSavvy PR!

    Charles T. Nguyen, MD

    Co-authors of The Thinsulin Program
  • Booksavvy created a PR strategy and campaign for my book on the Gig Economy that delivered incredible results in print, radio, TV, and online. My book was featured in media across the country, and internationally, with outlets like NPR, PBS, USA Today, Oprah.com, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review. This visibility led to inbound speaking invitations, more interviews, and consulting opportunities. The Booksavvy team ran such a successful campaign that I extended it by several months to keep the momentum and press going strong. Sharon and Emily are creative, fun to work with, and the very best at what they do.

    Diane Mulcahy

    Author of The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want