BookSavvy’s Writing Partner Judy Caldwell Wins a Flash Fiction Award!

One of the things that all of us here at BookSavvy love about working with authors is the creative vibe. Every day is a whirl of ideas, stories, cutting-edge thinking and imagination.

So it should come as no surprise that this creative flair runs through our team. One team member whose ingenuity and talent have blown us all away recently is our writing partner Judy Caldwell. When she’s not crafting snappy social media content at BookSavvy and putting artful touches on articles for our clients, or telling the story of the nonprofit furniture bank she handles marketing and development for in North Carolina, Judy crafts award-winning short fiction.

The latest feather in her cap is the 2021 Haunted Waters Press Flash Fiction Award, which Judy won for her short story, “Boone County Circa 1919” published in From The Depths magazine, Issue 19 2021.

The story’s opening paragraph gives a glimpse of Judy’s writing superpowers:

Bessie, all those times I saw your photograph in the family book, I didn’t know I would look like you. I didn’t see any of you in the mirror at seven or 20 but hey, here I am just turned 44 and as lean and hard as any of your bunch. The hollow in my neck is so deep it could hold a cup of milk.”

Intrigued? Mesmerized? Read on! (Page 22.) Judy is also interviewed on page 23.

Congratulations, Judy! We are so very proud of you.

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