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  • Writer's Digest Annual Conference 2017

    At the 2017 Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, Sharon Bially presented a session called, “How to Speak to the Media About Your Work”

  • The Muse & The Marketplace 2017

    Two presentations by Sharon Bially at at Grub Street’s 2017 Muse & The Marketplace conference. 1) “Outsourcing for Writers: When Does it Make Sense, What You Need to Know” with Nicola Kraus, co-author of the international #1 Bestseller The Nanny Dairies; 2) “The Art of the Promotional Elevator Pitch.” May 2017.

  • All Things PR

    BookSavvy PR is named one of the “Best PR Firms For Book Launches, Publicity & Authors” by Everything PR!  September 2015.

  • GetSpokal

    “Smart” — that’s what GetSpokal calls Sharon Bially’s approach to blogging and marketing. She’s featured in their breakdown of how 8 small businesses are cornering their markets through blogging. January 2016.

  • The Muse & The Marketplace 2015

    Three presentations by Sharon Bially at Grub Street’s 2015 Muse & The Marketplace conference. 1) “Using Out-of-the-Box Author Promo to Connect with More Readers” with author Kristen Harnish; 2) Talk about Veronica’s Nap at the Authors in the House Live Bookstore 3) “The Art of the Promotional Elevator Pitch.” May 2015.

  • Cognscenti (WBUR / NPR Boston)

    BookSavvy’s founder Sharon Bially weighs in on a topic close to her own heart: “Antisemitism? There’s More to the Story of Jews Leaving France For Israel.” January 2015.

  • Thought Catalog

    “Yes, she tweets as @SharonBially. And yes, her Twitter avatar is a shot of herself. Not of family members….foam on a latte or what she had for lunch. Bially, in short, is the real thing.” – Porter Anderson, in an article about Twitter use based on an extensive interview with Sharon. January 2015.

  • Writer’s Digest

    “’The true value of media exposure is comparable to building a resume or an art portfolio, which will always be part of an author’s identity and cachet going forward,’ says Sharon Bially of BookSavvy PR.” –Summer 2014 issue. (Full article.)

  • Grub Street’s 2014 Muse & The Marketplace Conference

    At the 2014 Grub Street Muse & the Marketplace conference, Sharon presented an Hour of Power session called, “Write Your Way to a Media Platform.”

  • Poets & Writers

    “Sharon Bially has created a handy book promotion guide for the self-published.” –June 2013 (Full article.)

  • Dedham Transcript

    “’People might be afraid because self-publishing seems complicated, but actually it’s not,”’said Sharon Bially. ‘The key to success…resides in 4 steps.’” –May 2013.

  • Dedham Times

    “‘Memoirs are dear, special stories that mean a lot to people to share,’ Bially offered at the May 23, 2013 Hebrew Senior Life memoir writing workshop.” –May 2013.

  • Grub Street’s 2013 Muse & The Marketplace Conference

    Sharon joined Kevin Smokler, Randy Susan Meyers and Rebecca Joines Schinskey on the Promotion & Publicity panel, May 2013

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