Newsflash: NEWSWEEK features two BookSavvy authors—in one week!

August 25, 2022 

You know it’s a good week when Newsweek features not one, but two clients! 

The nationally-known news magazine and website quoted client Steve Myers and published an article by client Sameer Chopra. Here are the details on these side-by-side press victories:

Steve, author of Cross Winds: Adventure and Entrepreneurship in the Russian Far East, has well-informed insights into the Russia-Ukraine war. His campaign had barely begun when a Newseek editor asked us for his comments on the sensitive matter of US aid to Ukraine.  

That same week, a Newsweek editor asked our client Sameer Chopra to contribute a guest article about going on a job interview without revealing that he is blind. Sameer is the author of The Work Ahead, which features a blind main character. 

This was the first time for being featured in Newsweek for both Steve and Sameer. With the outlet’s millions of readers, we look forward to seeing the conversation about these authors’  books and ideas continue to grow.

Check out Steve Myers quoted in Newsweek here.

Check out Sameer Chopra’s Newsweek article here.

Congrats, Steve and Sameer!


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