BookSavvy Author News Roundup: 2023

By Jamie O’Toole | July 19, 2023

2023 has been an incredibly fruitful year for BookSavvy so far, with reams of coverage for every book and it is only just the beginning. From ABC to NY Post, Huffington Post to Newsweek, our authors have been making headlines! Here are just a few of the placements we’re excited about:

Newsweek featured Steve Myers in a piece about meditation being a long-term durable resolution to end the war in Ukraine.

USA Today also ran an article by Steve Myers, about Ukraine’s prospects for joining NATO.

Elephant Journal published Melanie Sue Hicks article, highlighting the transformative power of service to others as well as introspection.

Huffington Post featured Amanda Bacon Davis in an article that emphasizes the importance of meeting children in crisis with compassion and understanding.

Huffington Post also published Kim Fairley’s piece where she recounts her marriage to a man who was 32 years older and the cultural gaps that arose due to the significant age difference.

The NY Post published Jamie Ratner’s article where she provided insight into the controversial practice of using baby monitors as short-term babysitters.

NBC Boston featured Melanie Sue Hicks who discusses her journey to self discovery in order to leave the legacy she wishes to leave behind.

Amanda Bacon Davis appeared on ABC2 KATU, shedding light on school refusal amongst young children and the anxiety they face going to school.

WTVM ABC 9 interviewed Melanie Sue Hicks to discuss her travels for service work and how immersing herself in various cultures enlightened her.

The Good Men Project published Peg Conway’s piece exploring how Prince Harry could be a role model for children’s grief support in the US.

The Good Men Project also featured Emil Rem, who discussed learning how to live peacefully with cutting ties with a toxic parent.

Canadian Immigrant featured Emil Rem in an article delving into how to move forward from a toxic relationship.

YourTango featured Emil Rem, emphasizing the importance of holding onto hope and determination in the face of daunting odds.

YourTango also featured Dr. Karen Gail Lewis who shares his insights into the complexities of sibling relationships, gained from years of working with siblings as a marriage and family therapist.

PIX11 TV interviewed Dr. Karen Gail Lewis to discuss the dynamics of sibling relationships.

And there’s lots more percolating. Stay tuned!

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