BookSavvy Author News Roundup: 5/1 – 5/13

BookSavvy clients have been all over the news in May. From weight-loss tips in Cosmopolitan to ruminations on the church and sexuality in The Huffington Post, our authors are ringing in the warmer months with stunning media visibility of their books, ideas and expertise.

  • Cosmopolitan featured the authors of The Thinsulin Program on how spring naturally gives us the foods we need to lower insulin, thereby dropping pounds.
  • In this Momentology article, Jessica Kriegel gives marketers crystalline plans for scaling back age-based marketing segmentation strategies.
  • The Huffington Post featured an article by BookSavvy alum Peggy Payne on the taboo nature of girls’ sexuality in the eyes of the church.

  • BookSavvy alumn Mark Langford’s article in Success touched on the 4 steps towards living a more purpose-driven life.
  • May’s issue of Chess Life included a column by Mark Fins on the role chess has played in his work as an entrepreneur and author.
  • Jessica Kriegel penned an article for Health Care Business Today on 5 steps to change your organization’s culture by dropping generational stereotypes.
  • Monica Starkman’s interview with Life Without Baby demonstrated her expertise in the field of psychiatry and the unique narrative lens her expertise brings to her novel’s readers.
  • Zest Now ran an article by Virginia Simpson, bereavement care expert, on the 4 ways you can improve your loved one’s final moments.
  • The cover design for Stephanie Austin Edwards’ What We Set In Motion garnered her an award from The Book Designer for its balance and simplicity.

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