BookSavvy Author News Roundup – March

Is it spring already? At BookSavvy, we had such a busy winter lining up press coverage for our authors that we were unable to make our last two news roundups! We’ve even added a new member to our team just to keep up with the staggering volume of author coverage! In March alone, our authors have been featured and reviewed everywhere from to Harvard Business Review and Pop Sugar. Here’s is a closer look at a few of these:

  • featured Diane Mulcahy’s book The Gig Economy, highlighting its tips on how to live your best life and reach your personal vision of success.
  • Pop Sugar ran a feature of Susan Peirce Thompson, explaining how she broke her cycle of obesity and addiction and went on to become a cognitive scientist and healthy-living author.
  • Harvard Business Review featured Diane Mulcahy’s article on the obsolete office and how the Gig Economy is changing the way we work.
  • Forbes featured Angela Sebaly’s thoughts on how courage makes the difference between being a good manager and an exceptional leader.
  • Hitched Magazine ran Nadine Kenney Johnstone’s tips on what to know before starting infertility treatments.
  • Business News Daily featured advice from Angela Sebaly on why humility matters in leadership and how managers can better exercise humility.
  • Guardian Liberty Voice featured Christopher Arndt’s warning from Washington — how factionalism incites foreign meddling.
  • Guardian Liberty Voice also included Angela Sebaly’s article on how Trump can lead with confidence, not arrogance.
  • Brazen Woman featured a guest post from Maggie Lamond Simone, on her first-hand experience with confronting her OCD.
  • SO Rhode Island called Leah DeCesare’s Forks, Knives and Spoons a “delicious debut”!
  • The East Greenwich Pendulum reviewed Leah DeCesare’s debut novel Forks, Knives and Spoons.
  • Ad Pulp reviewed Tim Pollard’s The Compelling Communicator.
  • Wandering Educators ran a guest post by Chandi Wyant, author of Return to Glow.
  • Central Valley Business Times included Tim Pollard’s advice on why you should ditch Powerpoint when making your next presentation and what to do instead.
  • Money for Lunch interviewed Tim Pollard on how to craft communications that really stick in the brain.

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