BookSavvy Author News Roundup — November

Here at Booksavvy, we are hoping everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday, filled with family, food and good times. We have a lot to be thankful for, including amazing clients with thought-provoking ideas and ways of communicating them. Below you’ll find a sampling of some of their genius reflected in media coverage:

  • Forbes featured a guest piece by Diane Mulcahy on why we should embrace, not fear the Gig Economy.
  • Oxygen Magazine published Susan Peirce Thompson’s tips for how to manage temptations during the holiday season.
  • Harvard Business Review featured Diane Mulcahy’s new article on who wins in the Gig Economy and who loses.
  • Boston Herald Radio interviewed Louie Cronin on her new novel and gentrification in Cambridge, MA.
  • StyleCaster consulted Diane Mulcahy on the new rules of work and productivity — hint: don’t confine yourself to a workplace.
  • Democrat & Chronicle, part of the USA Today network, shined the spotlight on Susan Peirce Thompson as an entrepreneur and author.
  • The Opinionator included Diane Mulcahy’s insight on how hustling is now a common mode of work, and how that can best be done.
  • Chicago Woman featured an article by Susan Peirce Thompson on how giving thanks before every meal can slim the waistline.
  • Wellesley Wicked Local ran an interview with Matthew McKay on the writing process, science fiction and his daughters’ influence on his writing.
  • Daily Mom interviewed Susan Peirce Thompson on sugar addiction and the right way to navigate sweets with your children this holiday season.
  • Caring for My Chaos covered Maggie Lamond Simone’s tips on how to care for loved ones with depression and anxiety this holiday season.
  • Booksie’s Blog reviewed Elizabeth Birkelund’s The Runaway Wife, calling it “a story about what is really important in our lives.”

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