Introducing the BookSavvy Author News Roundup – Part II

Here’s part two of our glance back at BookSavvy authors in the news, this time for the first half of April.  So far this month, our clients have been featured in news outlets from The Huffington Post to WGN-TV’s Morning News.

They’ve commented on topics ranging from the difficulties of elder care to speculation about what a Trump presidency would look like. Here’s a closer look:


  • In this Huffington Post article, BookSavvy alumna Peggy Payne covered the Pope’s view on dignified sex.
  • WGN-TV’s Morning News in Chicago  interviewed Jessica Kriegel on the utility of generational stereotypes in the workplace.

  • Dr. Virginia Simpson penned an article for the Pittsburgh Better Times on practical advice for improving your loved one’s final moments.
  • Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke’s Blog named Nicole Waggoner’s Center Ring a “best book” of the month of April.
  • Caregiving can be difficult. No one knows better than BookSavvy’s Dr. Virginia Simpson. See her guest post at Working Daughter.
  • Big Blend Radio Network interviewed Mark Fins on slipping into the mind of an 8 year old narrator for his new book Imagine That.
  • Looking for a “realistic, exciting, moving” read? The End of Miracles author Monica Starkman just received a glowing review from Mama Reads, Hazel Sleeps blog. Grab a copy!
  • Poet Arne Weingart was interviewed by Savvy Verse and Wit in celebration of national poetry month. Check out his debut collection, Levitation for Agnostics.


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