Newsflash: 3 Big Press Hits in 2 Weeks! BookSavvy Authors Land Good Housekeeping,, and The Muse

By BookSavvy Team | November 9, 2022

Three cheers for three top-tier media placements for BookSavvy authors in just two weeks! 

BookSavvy earned a spot in The Muse for author Sameer Doshi’s guest article, I’m Blind, But I Didn’t Tell My Future Boss When I Interviewed for My Job; 7 days later, BookSavvy landed another article of his, Going Blind Helped Me Discover the Power of Optimism, in Good Housekeeping.

In that same 2-week span, BookSavvy placed author Kim Fairley’s guest article on I was a teenage swimmer. It took me decades to admit my coach was abusive in

Stories worth telling will always make an impact. And BookSavvy authors Sameer Doshi and Kim Fairley undoubtedly have messages that need to be heard. 

Learn more about Sameer Doshi (pen name Sameer Chopra) here, and Kim Fairley here.

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