BookSavvy Author News Roundup — April & May

It’s June! Time’s really flying over here at BookSavvy. With amazing new summer reads cropping up on our desks and equally stellar authors to work with, we’re swamped — happily reading, booking interviews and getting articles placed. Still, we can find a little time to brag! Here are some of our favorite author clips from April and May:

  • The New Yorker featured policy points and predictions about the Gig Economy by Diane Mulcahy.
  • The National Indie Excellence Awards selected not one, but two BookSavvy fiction books for their 11th annual contest! Congratulate Leah DeCesare, author of Forks, Knives and Spoons on her win and Louie Cronin, author of Everyone Loves You Back on her finalist status!
  • The Boston Globe ran a feature on author Meredith O’Brien’s Mr. Clark’s Big Band.
  • The New York Post interviewed Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson on the many costs of obesity.
  • Harvard Business Review featured a thoughtful piece on why you should stop reading lists of things successful people do by authors Emre Soyer and Robin M. Hogarth.
  • Fox News KTVU in San Francisco interviewed Sage Lavine, author of Women Rocking Business on live TV!
  • Cosmopolitan ran this fabulous piece by infertility author Nadine Kenney Johnstone on her journey to motherhood.
  • Mind, Body, Green sourced Nadine Kenney Johnstone for advice on how to be delicate with your language around women struggling with infertility.
  • The Texas Tribune featured Mike Collier’s shocking argument that Texas’ rainy day fund is all but dry, despite what lawmakers may think.
  • The Newtown Bee covered author Leah DeCesare’s launch event in her hometown.
  • Browsing the Atlas reviewed Chandi Wyant’s Return to Glow: A Pilgrimage of Transformation in Italy.
  • IPPY gave a gold medal to Mike Collier’s Out Of Comptrol for the southern regional category.
  • Ladders grouped author Diane Mulcahy in with Beyonce and Chance the Rapper for their “Ladders 101: The Most Influential People in the World of Work, Management and Career”.
  • MUTHA Magazine ran an excerpt from Nadine Kenney Johnstone’s infertility memoir, Of This Much I’m Sure.
  • Parade featured Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson’s 7 simple brain tricks help you lose weight.
  • History Net ran 6 questions with author, philosopher and history buff Christopher Kelly.
  • Nerd Stalker published this piece on Tim Pollard’s brainy communications book, The Compelling Communicator.

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