BookSavvy Author News Roundup: Late June

As June is drawing to a close, we have so much author coverage to glow about! From radio interviews to features in prominent business magazines to more book awards, our authors are racking up a lot of great media attention.

    • KXL Beyond the Headlines and 6 other Portland, OR radio stations covered Thinsulin’s message on why you’ve never heard of a wine belly.
    • Knowledge@Wharton, The Wharton School’s online magazine, interviewed Jessica Kriegel about why generational stereotyping in the workplace is bad for business.
    • Food & Beverage penned an article drawing on Thinsulin’s advice to drink wine, not beer if you’re trying to slim down for summer.
    • Foreword Reviews selected Connie Hertzberg Mayo’s The Island of Worthy Boys for the silver winner in their Historical Fiction category.
    • Energy Times perfectly summed up some of the Thinsulin team’s key points in their recent review.
    • Nicole Waggoner spoke some inspirational words for women trying to do it all in an interview with Book Club Babble.
    • Write it Sideways featured a guest post by Connie Hertzberg Mayo on how she’s used Facebook for book marketing purposes without feeling cheesy.
  • Foreword Reviews gushed about the psychological realism in Monica Starkman’s The End of Miracles.
    • The Active Times published an article furthering Thinsulin’s case that drinking wine, not beer is better for weight loss.
  • Author Lizbeth Meredith interviewed Virginia Simpson on her blog on the message of her book, The Space Between, and the process of writing.
  • The Blog “Good Book Fairy” reviewed Nicole Waggoner’s Center Ring, calling it a perfect summertime beach read.

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