BookSavvy Author News Roundup: September

Sweater weather approaches! But over here at BookSavvy, our efforts are not cooling off anytime soon. Below you’ll find just some of the coverage we’ve loved this month, from major outlets to regional newspapers, our authors have been reviewed, interviewed and featured in some of the best:

  • Entrepreneur ran an article by Christian Felber on why “free trade” might sound better than it actually is.
  • featured Diane Mulcahy’s expert advice on how and why young workers can benefit from a Gig Economy job early in their career.
  • Huffington Post offered Christian Felber a regular blogging spot after featuring his article on how terrorism and the economy are related.
  • The Palm Beach Post covered Diane Mulcahy’s list of 6 ways to thrive in the Gig Economy.
  • The Cambridge Chronicle and Tab published a feature on former “Car Talk” producer and debut novelist Louie Cronin.
  • Writers’ Bone interviewed Louie Cronin on the process of writing and why no one should “deny themselves the joy of writing.”
  • Mr Media also interviewed Louie Cronin, this time on the ins- and outs- of a career in radio and her new novel, Everyone Loves You Back.
  • Elephant Journal ran Matthew McKay’s piece on balancing spirituality and technology in a harmonious way.
  • The Authors Show revisited Stephanie Austin Edwards’ interview for her novel, What We Set in Motion.
  • Boston Parents Paper featured an article by Matthew McKay on how to help your kids be present in the age of Pokemon Go.
  • NerdiGirl Books reviewed Elizabeth Birkelund’s The Runaway Wife, saying the book is about “finding your true self”.
  • The Apopka Voice also covered Matthew McKay’s tips on helping your kids be mindful, even while gaming.

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