BookSavvy Author News Roundup — Summer’s Greatest Hits!

Well, looks like summer practically came and went! At BookSavvy, we’ve been at the grindstone, securing clips for our authors who’ve written books of all types — entrepreneurship and business books, lifestyle and health books, adult and YA novels, fanciful art fiction and even campaign trail memoirs to boot! Here’s just a few favorite clips to catch you up:

Publisher’s Weekly provided a rave review — calling Dorah Blume’s self-published Botticelli’s Muse “Sensuous and provocative as well as mysterious…”

LiveStrong featured advice from Susan Peirce Thompson, author of Bright Line Eating.

Family Circle also sourced Susan in an article on how to lose weight best before and after the age of 40.

Mashable consulted Gig Economy author Diane Mulcahy on how health care access impacts the gig economy.

Psychology Today ran Emre Soyer and Robin M. Hogarth’s expert analysis on how focusing on what we don’t have can help us be happier.

Dr. Drew Midday Live (790 KACB) interviewed Mike Collier, author and candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

The Independent Rhode Island ran this piece featuring author Tabitha Lord on the front page of the Arts section. We love local coverage!

Patheos covered author Maria Polonchek’s article on how she handled her son’s question, “Does the president have to be religious?”

Live Plentiful featured Tabitha Lord’s advice on how moms can balance chaos and stay present.

Fun Tour Guru ran author Kristi Saare Duarte’s travel article on how to understand a language you don’t speak.

Marketing Profs covered Tim Pollard’s steps to achieving genuine breakthroughs in how effectively you communicate.

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