Newsflash: BookSavvy Goes Global!

Here at BookSavvy, we’ve had the incredible and exciting good fortune of working with a growing number of authors from overseas.

First came Julie Ann Cairns of Sydney, Australia, author of The Abundance Code, in 2015.  Next we were delighted to be contacted by Christian Felber of Austria, founder the Economy for the Common Good movement and author of the related book, Change Everything.  Though is based in Vienna, his right-hand person, Alicia Trepat Pont, whom we coordinate with daily, is in Barcelona, Spain.

With Christian’s campaign still in full swing, we recently began working with Emre Soyer, a Turkish national and assistant professor at Istanbul’s Ozyegin University, and his co-author Robin M. Hogarth, a professor emeritus at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.  Both are respected behavioral scientists and authorities on decision-making.

How do we do it? Our team has both deep and broad connections in overseas. Some of us have studied abroad in Europe, others have European spouses and family and have spent years working there.  Others just really love looking at pictures of the French Riviera online! We’re familiar with cultural differences in the workplace and mindsets from all corners — and time zones — of the earth.  As a fully remote firm, we’re also not shy about using technology and enjoy a good Skype meeting!  Communicating over distance is no big thing.

What country is next is anybody’s guess, but we look forward to broadening our perspective even further with future international clients — whose work and world views always push us to stay abreast of world events and ahead of the curve.

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