Introducing the BookSavvy Author News Roundup – Part I

The BookSavvy blog is about to get livelier as we bring you regular updates about our authors in the news!  Keep an eye out for our Weekly News Roundup, where we will be sharing our authors’ news coverage each week. In the meantime, check out some of BookSavvy authors’ recent publicity highlights. In March alone,

The Skinny On Blurbs

Your manuscript is finished and the agent submissions checklist is all set: Target list: check. Killer elevator pitch: check. Brief bio including previous literary accomplishments: check. SASE ready to go to those agents who still request one: check. Or perhaps you’ve decided to self-publish and everything’s ready, including a cover designed around a gorgeous image

Why Book PR Needs Lead Time. Lots of it.

“Dear publicist, My book just released and I’d like to promote it. How can you help?” “Hi! My novel came out last fall and sales have been close to zero. Can we talk about what your firm can do to promote it?” Ouch! These emails break my heart. I typically get about two like this