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Carey Theil

Carey Theil is the co-founder, with Christine Dorchak, of GREY2K USA Worldwide. Disenchanted with the educational system as a youth when his reports of cheating by his fellow students went unpunished, Carey decided not to complete high school and instead, independently wrote poetry and studied chess theory. At the age of 16, he worked on a campaign to protect the 1994 Colorado ballot measure banning the hound hunting and bears and cougars and related cruel practices — effectively launching his career as an animal protection advocate. He has since gained decades of legislative experience, including with Oregon Senators Tom Wilde and John Lim, and worked closely with journalist and animal rights activist Paige Powell.

Carey has been quoted in hundreds of news articles about greyhound racing published across the globe. In his free time, he volunteers for various non-profit organizations and is a National Master in chess.


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