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Christine Dorchak

Christine Dorchak is the co-founder, with Carey Theil, of GREY2K USA Worldwide. An attorney, Christine specializes in pari-mutuel law and has drafted laws to successfully prohibit dog racing in several states and countries. She has been featured in national publications including the Huffington Post, Forbes, and American Dog. She has competed in seven Boston Marathons.

After earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Christine was planning to become a foreign correspondent when she was hit by a speeding train in Boston. Her dog Kelsey managed to pull them slightly off course, thus preventing a head-on collision and likely saving their lives. Facing terrible memory loss and physical disability, she had to forego her TV dreams. But she promised herself that if she should ever recover from her injuries and walk again, she would devote her life —as she has — to helping dogs.


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