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Donald Marrs

Donald Marrs, co-founder of Marrs-Group Consulting & Coaching, spent several decades as a high-powered advertising executive before deciding he no longer wished to create ads for Kellogg’s pre-sweetened cereals that he wouldn’t let his kids eat or work on Philip Morris cigarette campaigns while trying to quit smoking. After leaving to search for work that felt more meaningful and aligned with his ethics, Don ultimately started his own marketing and advertising agency, Marketing Partners, Inc., LA, to work with values-focused clients.

Happily married for over 30 years, Paige and Don Marrs have also worked together since the day they joined their lives. They have co-authored two how-to memoirs, both of which teach through story: Grabbing Lightning, and Executive in Passage: When Life Lets You Know It’s Time to Change, Let that Knowing Lead You. For the past decade they have offered their relationship program, The Love Conversation®, which teaches core principles and methods for making the quest for love less messy and has helped countless individuals create extraordinary love in their most cherished relationships.


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