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Esther Siegel

Esther Siegel is a psychotherapist by training who has worked in the field of book art, been active in the scrapbooking world, and created both greeting cards and ‘found art’ sculptures. A late-in-life artist, she creates pieces that are a mixture of the whimsical and dark humor. They include Book-Mobiles & Book Art, Twisted Toasters (vintage toasters as the base), Horse People (horse/doll combo), fun repurposed sculptures, small lamps and Altered Barbies.

Esther Siegel and Spencer Brewer are the co-authors of Lost and Found: Assemblage Artists of Northern California. A portion of proceeds from the book will be used to help internationally-acclaimed assemblage artist Larry Fuente, who lost his 8,000-square-foot warehouse of finished pieces and art supplies to a devastating California wildfire.


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