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Linda Wawryzniak

Linda Wawrzyniak is an international human development and transformation consultant to high-performance professional sports & Fortune 500 organizations. In 1995, Linda founded Higher Standards Academy, an international education partner for high-performance people and professional athletes. After spending years developing teaching programs for these high performers,  Linda found that while work-specific skills had a hand in success, without great adjustment ability most careers stalled or were cut short.  This led her on a quest to uncover the secret of adjustment and its powerful impact on individual success.

In 2016, while working with the Chicago Cubs world series baseball operations department, Linda used the results from her research to help international players achieve massive development goals in order to help them win championships and prepare for the world series win.

In 2019 Linda sold Higher Standards Academy so that she could focus on the results of her 15 plus years of adjustment research and founded Major League Consulting, LLC where, as Chief Learning Scientist, she uses the highly successful Performance Adjustment Test (PAR) to speed up the development process for high performers in effective and non-stressful ways.

 In her upcoming book, Million Dollar Adjustments, she shares the secret of successful adjustments from within the closely guarded world of professional baseball and how this can benefit anyone in business, sports or everyday life.


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