Newsflash: KFOR TV in OKC interviews Nicole Waggoner

Exciting news: in her second television interview generated by our PR campaign, BookSavvy author Nicole Waggoner was a guest on KFOR TV in Oklahoma City on August 3rd, 2016.  We’re thrilled to share this interview, where Nicole discusses her debut novel Center Ring, and talks teaching English, moving across state lines and crowdsourcing editors for her

Newsflash: BookSavvy Author Lands Big Publishing Deal

Big news for BookSavvy – and for author Joe Burgo, who worked with us for 5 months in late 2012 and early 2013:

In early January, Joe was offered an impressive publishing deal from Touchstone for his next book, The Narcissist You Know.

This deal is all the more thrilling since Joe self-published his first book, Why Do I Do That? Psychological Defense Mechanisms and the Hidden Ways the Shape Our Lives, and working with us to promote it was just one of his tireless, round-the-clock efforts geared toward realizing his decades-long ambition of finding a traditional publisher.

Not to mention that the deal stirred up enough excitement among publishing pros to be featured “deal of the week” in Publisher’s Lunch Deluxe:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
Deal News

Among yesterday’s 33 new deals: Former Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, co-creators of IFC’s hit show Portlandia, and the show’s co-creator and director Jonathan Krisel’s THE PORTLANDIA COOKBOOK, to Clarkson Potter, for publication in fall 2014; Journalists Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff’s untitled book on the rise and fall of RIM/Blackberry, expanding on their 2013 Long Form Best Reads piece published in the Toronto Globe & Mail, to Flatiron Books, at auction; and Atlantic Monthly writer and psychotherapist, Dr. Joseph Burgo’s THE NARCISSIST YOU KNOW, described as doing for narcissism what Martha Stout’s THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR did for sociopathy, to Touchstone, at auction.

Congratulations, Joe!